TRE® Provider Training Team

Dr. David Berceli, PhD. Founder of TRE®. International expert, as well consultant, trainer and internationally recognized coach in areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. 

He lived and worked with people traumatized by conflict and war for two decades, which allowed him to observe how the human organism found the way to re-structure itself and survive the trauma.

The creation of TRE®technique helped David to develop programs and design workshops to support trauma release and stress management. 

His solid academic training, extensive personal training and experience in body- and therapeutic work, aligned with his understanding of the different ethnic groups’ and religions’ dynamics allowed him to develop this unique and specific processes. With TRE®he supports people from all over the world overcoming personal and walking towards healing, as well as reconciliation between different groups.

Mònica Tarrés. Certified TRE® trainer and provider. Individual and group psychoanalytic psychotherapist by Sigmund Freud University. Body Therapist in the ARC system (micro gymnastics and restorative massage) and therapist and teacher of the Nadeau Technique. Director and teacher between 2009-2015 of the École Européenne des Philosophies et Psychothérapie Appliquéesat its headquarters in Barcelona. Founder and director of the Salut Integral– a curative and preventive, corporal and psychological therapy space in Sant Martí de Centelles (Barcelona).

Andrea Steckel. Social worker in the field of early development aid, naturopath, practitioner of alternative medicine and Certified TRE® trainer. She completed a four-year postgraduate course in body-energy-oriented counseling (based on Bioenergetic Analysis) and was trained as a counselor in developmental psychology at the Martha Muchow Institutein Berlin. In her part-time practice as a naturopath she combines acupressure (MediAkupress) and bioenergetic exercises with the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Since 2013 she has been a trainer for TRE® certification programs in Germany, France, Croatia, Belgium and Russia.

Eszter Kovács. Certified TRE® Provider and founder of TRE® Hungary. Even though she started her career as an architect, the gift of dance led her towards somatic methods, deepening her interest in the wisdom of the body. Her background is rooted in embodied movement practices and conscious dance. Presently she is passionate about supporting the TRE® Community in Hungary and creating a nest for Somatic Experiencing in the country as an SE Practitioner in Training. Her vision is to create more availability to the value of these methods.   

Anna Solyom. Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and Certified TRE® provider. She has a MA of Philosophy, and before dedicating herself as a full-time therapist, she worked as an international relations’ professional. She lives in Barcelona, and also works with Mindfulness, Psych-k®. As a Moon Mother® offers special sessions for women, using Miranda Gray’s female energy attunement and womb healing. She is an embodied movement practitioner and is also a writer, she has books published in Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch and Portugal.

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